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About me

I started training in Shotokan Karate (K.U.G.B) in 1975 and I have been involved in martial arts training to the present day. I have competed at regional, national and international level in karate but since I stopped training for competitive purposes, I have shifted my focus from karate to personal safety and self-defence coaching. 

I am a BTEC Level 3 Qualified Self-Defence Trainer This is the only Nationally recognised qualification of its kind presently available, and like all BTEC courses this one has had to satisfy rigorous standards to achieve and maintain its status. I undertake a refresher course every 12 months which ensures that I maintain the standards expected of the qualifying body.

I also hold;

  • Fully Enhanced DBS
  • First Aid Qualification
  • Public Liability Insurance £5m
  • Personal Indemnity Insurance £1m
  • NSPCC Safeguarding Children in Schools Certificate 

I greatly value the benefits I have gained from karate, but I have always thought that martial arts is not the most efficient way to learn to defend yourself! There are naturally many people who will disagree with what I am saying, but as an example, I can show people physical techniques which a can be learned and reproduced almost immediately. This is because the techniques you will learn employ Gross Motor Movements only,  which will entail learning to utilise your natural flinch response when reacting to a physical threat. 

The vast majority of martial arts instructors are men, and the art form they, and I teach, is predominantly strength based, requiring good agility and balance. These are qualities which are gained by regular training which most people do not want, or physically cannot do. So traditional martial arts training does make allowances for the physical attributes of women, children, teens, people with physical disabilities or may not have the mental capacity to follow complex  instruction. It is because of these reasons I am of the opinion that martial arts training and self-defence training should be treated as two completely different entities.

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